The incidentals happen. You may have had the great fortune of being one of the selected ones whose application for tickets for the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has been accepted, and you have already paid for them, but, as fate would have it, you can't use them. What happens in that case? Is it possible to resell the tickets?

So far, FIFA has held 2 of its 3 official ticket sales phases. Millions of applications were received, it is clear that the demand for tickets exceeded the supply and many were left with the disappointment of not knowing if they will be able to attend the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 live.

So, with time running out, both for those who are begging for the chance to buy tickets for Qatar 2022, and for those who for some reason have tickets but will not be able to use them, resale appears to be a good idea, at least from the outset. Find out if it is possible to buy and sell tickets in resale mode for the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

Is the resale of tickets for the next FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 authorized?

From the outset, it should be noted that all decisions regarding the logistics and organization of Qatar 2022 are ultimately up to FIFA. It is soccer's highest governing body that decides what is possible and what is not possible in the context of its most prestigious tournament. 

Then, in view of Qatar 2022, FIFA makes something very clear to all those who wish to buy or, failing that, sell tickets for this tournament: "A Ticket applicant (FIFA) is only permitted to assign tickets to guests either free of charge or for an amount no greater than the face value of the ticket. In accordance with the Ticket Terms of Use, guests are not permitted to transfer tickets under any circumstances. If a guest can no longer use a ticket, then it must be returned to the ticket applicant."

Thus, it is clear that all tickets that have been allocated are personal and non-transferable. That is to say, they cannot be transferred to others as is the case with tickets for any other common tournament. In this way, it is impossible not to have to resort to FIFA to start a process of resale and purchase of tickets for the next World Cup.

How do I resell my Qatar 2022 tickets if I am unable to attend the tournament?

There is only one way to resell and buy resale tickets, and you probably already know it: through FIFA, who has announced that there will be an official Resale Platform where the tickets of those who cannot attend the event, from November 20 to December 18, and those who wish to purchase them, will converge.

There are two pieces of news, one good and one bad. The good news is for those who want to buy the available tickets, as they will not be worth more than what they have always cost. No more will be paid for a ticket in resale. However, for those who resell their tickets, there is no certainty that they will be able to sell them (demand issue) and, according to Schedule World, there will be an administrative fee to be paid to FIFA, so they will not recover 100% of what they initially paid for their tickets.

The official FIFA Resale Platform is not yet enabled. This website would be announcing when the possibility of selling and buying tickets through this option would come into effect, so you should keep an eye out for any news so you can be among the first to choose to buy a ticket or so you can sell them in case you can not attend Qatar 2022 and you have already purchased tickets.