With less than two months from the beginning of Qatar 2022, there are some nations that are not very happy with the host country. France is one of those and now the Europeans have made a meticulous plan to boycott the next FIFA World Cup.

France is currently one of the best teams around the world and a true candidate to win at Qatar 2022 according to the oddsmakers. They have a solid squad that will certainly compete for the trophy next November.

But putting the sports topic aside, France does not agree with how the host country treats the human rights. That's why the nation will begin a plan to boycott the FIFA World Cup to raise awarness for the rest of the countries.

France's big plan to boycott Qatar 2022 and send a message through the FIFA World Cup

In 2018, during Russia's FIFA World Cup, the tournament had an average global live audience of 191 million viewers. With more ways to broadcast the competition, it is expected that this number increases this year.

France knows that everyone will be near a television to see all the games as possible, but they won't be a part of it. The country does not agree with Qatar's human rights treatment and is trying to boycott the FIFA World Cup in order do decrease that number of viewers.

Seven cities in France, including Paris, won't put the traditional big screens they used to establish in last editions to broadcast the games free. They are trying to send a message as they do not aprove how Qatar treats human and environmental rights.

“Committed to the values of sharing, sports solidarity and to build a more sustainable world, we must not contribute with the promotion of the next FIFA World Cup at Qatar 2022, which has been a disaster for human and environmental rights," says a statement signed by the city of Marseille.

It was a surprise for French people the capital was included in this list as they have PSG as one of the biggest clubs in the country. Nasser Al-Khelaifi, the team's owner, is a huge Qatari businessman and of course he has a big interest in showing how his nation organizes a FIFA World Cup to the citizens of Paris.

It is not the first protest made by a country to Qatar 2022. Recently, Denmark revealed their home and away jerseys, which surprised everybody as they were very unusual, but they were also trying to send a message that they won't be promoting the next FIFA World Cup.