Both stage 1 and stage 2 of the official ticket sales for Qatar 2022 have been a resounding success. Naturally, demand has outstripped supply, so those ticket holders can consider themselves lucky. However, it should be clarified that if you already have tickets, the task that every fan has to perform is not finished, accommodation is still to be resolved. Is there still availability?

The upcoming FIFA World Cup, like all 21 previous editions of this tournament, promises to be a real adventure for everyone involved. For starters, it is the ideal pretext to get to know the Middle East, one of the regions of the world where this tournament has never been held before.

Culture, warmth and world-class soccer action is what lies ahead from November 21 to December 18 in Qatar 2022. The clock is ticking, so now it's time to focus on securing the best possible accommodations, so as not to have any worries that could prevent you from fully enjoying a world-class event such as the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

What are the official accommodation options for Qatar 2022?

The official options provide peace of mind and security to fans that their investment will be satisfactory and without any risk of falling into fraud that will hurt their ability to fully enjoy such a precious event as the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

Thus, the Qatar 2022 organizing committee has made available to fans wishing to attend this tournament various options to satisfy the most varied tastes and needs. There is the traditional hotel accommodation. There is also the ideal option for those with a very social and adventurous spirit, such as the Fan Villages, and much more select options such as apartments and villas and the lavish Cruiseship Hotels. 

How expensive will it be to stay during the upcoming FIFA World Cup?

If there will be one thing at Qatar 2022, it is freedom. Freedom for fans to choose which games and how many of them to watch, likewise with the issue of accommodation. There is a range of prices that can be adjusted to any type of economic capacity. Both the most austere and the most luxurious options are available to choose from. 

Appartments and Villas. A comfortable option as it is like having the possibility of taking your own house to Qatar 2022. A space with all the amenities you want (bathroom, kitchen, etc.) but also with the privacy needed to rest after a long day of soccer. The price of this accommodation ranges from US$ 944 to US$ 84 per night.

Cruise Ship hotels. An extraordinary experience, worthy of the most exquisite and refined tastes. To retire to rest or spend a good time in your own cabin while the waters that bathe the port of Doha rock you is something that, if you have the economic possibilities, must be experienced. Prices vary depending on the cruise: from $179 to $347 per night. 

Hotels. The most traditional option when visiting a place far from home. It is also the one that offers the most options. There are 63 different options offered by the official website to find accommodation in Qatar 2022, all of them between 3 and 5 stars.  Prices may vary depending on the type and size of the room, but they could range from 200 dollars to less than 99 dollars. 

Fan Villages. Like the ancient legends and stories of the desert, of travelers conversing and sharing anecdotes, triumphs and defeats, achievements and regrets, around a campfire, this type of establishment allows for socializing while staying in a large common tent, a sort of hostel for adventurous amateurs. The prices and characteristics of this type of lodging are yet to be announced.

Is there still availability to stay in the official Qatar 2022 accomodation options?

Fortunately for all those who wish to attend the upcoming FIFA World Cup, and according to the official website where you can book accommodation on the tournament's official sites, there is still availability, at least in 3 of the 4 options. Cruise Ship Hotels and Apartments and Villas can be booked without any problem.

Regarding the Fan Village it is still unknown when they will announce its features, prices and availability, but it is a fact that the quota is total as it is not possible for anyone to book yet. Thus, the only option that is not available at the moment are the hotels; however, some of them are about to announce their prices. You will have to be attentive so as not to miss the option that best suits your tastes and economic possibilities.