Qatar 2022 will be the world's destination later this year. The event that everyone will want to attend at all costs. However, few will have the opportunity to fulfill this dream. If you have been following FIFA's official ticket sales phases, you know that May 31 marked the end of the second round of sales. Is there any hope of acquiring tickets after that?

April 28 marked the closing date for accepting applications for tickets for the upcoming FIFA World Cup. And a little more than a month after that date, both those whose applications were accepted, as well as those who were not as fortunate, already know or are in the process of knowing the resolution of their request. 

Whether you were granted tickets to Qatar 2022 or your request was denied, there are ways to go. In the following paragraphs of this story you will find out what needs to be done to guarantee your live presence at the upcoming FIFA World Cup. Please read on.

My application for Qatar 2022 tickets was accepted: now what do I do?

First of all, congratulations! You are the envy of millions of fans who would like to take your place. Now, as FIFA announced, you must hurry to confirm that you want the tickets that were allocated. This procedure is done on the same web page where you submitted your ticket request.

You will have to log in with the email and password you have used throughout this process at the following website. Afterwards, you will be redirected to the section where you will be able to complete your purchase by paying with a credit card. It is important to clarify that the deadline to pay for your tickets is June 15, 2022 at 12:00 pm Doha time. After that time, all tickets that have not been purchased will be forfeited.

My ticket sales phase 2 ticket application was rejected: can I still attend Qatar 2022?

Sorry, but don't be discouraged, all is not lost. Even if you missed the first two official ticket sales phase to enjoy the upcoming FIFA World Cup live, there is still one last chance to grab a ticket. And you must be prepared because this is the most voracious phase of this process.

FIFA's third and final opportunity to obtain tickets for the upcoming World Cup Qatar 2022 is the Last-Minute Sales Phase. In this phase, the ticket sales format is the traditional one: the ticket sales requests will be attended as they arrive, this is known as the first come first served sales period. 

Currently, and until June 15, the deadline for those fortunate enough to have their Qatar 2022 ticket applications accepted, no more tickets can be requested. However, keep an eye on this website to be ready to act when FIFA announces the start of the first come first served sales period in the Last-Minute Sales Phase.