The excitement of playing in a FIFA World Cup is simply indescribable. For one of the 32 National Teams that will compete in Qatar 2022, it will be their first time at the world's most prestigious tournament. For others, it will be their second or third time, but for a semi-nourished group, going to a World Cup is a healthy habit they have.

As for the "newcomers" to the group, it is precisely the host country of the next FIFA World Cup that will have its first experience as a World Cup participant. Then, there are National Teams like Canada or the winner of Wales vs Ukraine for the last UEFA ticket to this edition. Both the North American country and either of the two European teams will be making only their second participation.

Obviously, then there is an overwhelming leap in quality. And beyond the consecutive editions they have participated in the FIFA World Cup, there are teams with a very high number of participations in this tournament, which could even invite to say that the history of the World Cup could not be the same without them.

National Teams on a roll for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Having the opportunity to qualify for a FIFA World Cup is becoming increasingly difficult. Only in Uruguay 1930 did they qualify for this tournament by invitation and not by merit or achievements. Since then, it has been a tremendous effort to participate on this stage, and Qatar 2022 was no exception.

Thus, there are cases where previous prestige is no guarantee of qualifying for a World Cup, such as Italy, which is one of the National Teams that has played the most editions of this tournament, with 18, but has failed to qualify for the last two: Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022. 

This is where we must value those National Teams that have had the talent and resilience to survive the FIFA Qualifiers year after year and not miss their historic appointment with the World Cup. These are the teams that have reached Qatar 2022 with the most consecutive editions of the tournament.

France - 6 editions - 1998 to date

The current Champions of the FIFA World Cup managed to qualify to Qatar 2022 to defend their throne. Since the 1998 edition, in which they served as the host country and gained their very first World Championship they have never failed to play this tournament. With stars like Mbappé, Griezmann and Pogba, France is, again, a serious contender to sit at the top.

England - 7 editions - 1998 to date

The Three Lions' last conquest is far away. In Qatar 2022 they will try to break the 56 years streak without winning the FIFA World Cup. However, nobody can deny that England has at least tried to do it, as it has assisted to the past 6 editions of this tournament.

Japan - 7 editions - 1998 to date

It seams that Japan is one of those contenders that has arrived to definitely settle itself in the FIFA World Cup. It took 15 editions, 68 years, to have Japan playing this tournament, but it worth it as, since then (France 1998), it has accomplished to qualify to every edition played, and Qatar 2022 will not be the exception. 

Mexico - 8 editions - 1994 to date

El Tri will try to erase one of the two truths that pursue it for the past seven editions of the FIFA World Cup: Mexico will undoubtedly qualify to this tournament but it will fail to surpass to the Round of 16. Qatar 2022 is a new chance for Mexico to exorcise its demons.

Korea - 10 editions - 1986 to date

The Korean team played its first FIFA World Cup in Switzerland 1954 and then forgot about the existence of this tournament. Then, in Mexico 1986, they reappeared and never left. The Asian Tigers have now qualified for the World Cup for 10 editions in a row, including Qatar 2022.

Spain - 12 editions - 1978 to date

Qatar 2022 will see Spain's 12th consecutive participation in a FIFA World Cup. They have always started out as a team with aspirations, but only in South Africa 2010 were they able to live up to expectations and win the title. 

Argentina - 13 editions - 1974 to date

To have been to 13 editions of the FIFA World Cup is no easy feat, but to achieve it consecutively is a task only for prestigious teams. That is the number of times in a row Argentina has qualified for this tournament, and they will once again put their faith in Lionel Messi so that Qatar 2022 can be a replica of Mexico 1986, the edition in which they won their most recent World Cup.

Germany - 18 editions - 1950 to date

One of the teams with the longest tradition in the history of this tournament is Germany. The Mannschaft is the second country with the most participations in the World Cup, with 20, but there are 18, including Qatar 2022, to which it has qualified consecutively. 

Brazil - all editions played

Just as Real Madrid seems to have a karmic pact with the UEFA Champions League, Brazil is the darling of the FIFA World Cups. There is no National Team in the world that has won this tournament more, with five conquests, nor anyone who has played it so much, as it has not missed a single one of the 21 editions held so far in 92 years of history. Will Qatar 2022 be the end of their 20-year drought without winning the crown again?