For Uruguay it has been a process, one that started way back in 2006 with Óscar Washington Tabárez and now has continued with Diego Alonso. In their three previous World Cup’s Uruguay have returned to the tradition of being a difficult team to play and a dark horse to win the tournament.

In 2010 Uruguay shocked the world and made it to the semifinals, that tournament led the way to what has followed; a rise in international respect, a Copa America in 2011, and pipeline of Uruguayans to the best teams in Europe. At the World Cup level in 2014 La Celeste made it to the round of 16 and in 2018 were quarterfinalists.

Now in 2022, it will be the last World Cup for the five survivors of the Uruguayan semifinalist of 2010, here are the five players playing in their fourth World Cup for Uruguay.

Uruguayan players who will play in their fourth FIFA World Cup

The biggest name is Luis Suárez, who is Uruguay’s all-time leading scorer with 68 goals, 7 of them at the World Cup. Luis Suárez is also South American qualifying all-time leading scorer as well.

Edinson Cavani is Uruguay’s second all-time leading scorer, who made his debut on the national team in 2008. Cavani has scored 5 World Cup goals and won the Copa America in 2011.

Fernando Muslera will most likely be the backup goalkeeper for Uruguay after commanding the nets in 2010, 2014, and 2018. Fernando Muslera has 133 caps for Uruguay and lost his spot due to injury.

Defenders Diego Godin and LA Galaxy’s Martín Cáceres also will be in their fourth World Cup with both set to start against South Korea, despite his age Martín Cáceres is known for being incredibly fit, while Godin is the captain of the Uruguayan national team.