The 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar could be very close to delivering another surprise to the millions of soccer fans who are eagerly awaiting it, after several reports leaked that a significant change in its structure could occur less than four months before it takes place. 

It will forever remain in the memory of soccer history that Qatar 2022 was the first World Cup to be held in the Middle East, for example. Or that it was the first time this tournament was not played in the middle of the calendar year, i.e. in May, June or July. 

Likewise, Qatar 2022 will witness for the first time in history the presence of female referees, or the inclusion of 26-player squads in the 32 National Teams that will compete in it. However, the surprises will not stop: discover below the new modification that the upcoming FIFA World Cup will have. 

Reportedly, new opening date and different opening match for Qatar 2022

According to social media reports by Doble Amarilla and statistics expert Alexis Tamayo Mr Chip, FIFA is about to announce two significant changes in the structure of Qatar 2022: a change in the opening date and therefore in the opening match.

Supposedly, the Qatar 2022 ribbon would be moved forward one day, that is, from November 21 to 20, 2022. On this new date, an opening ceremony would be held, followed by the match between the local National Team and the Ecuadorian National Team, which would become the opening match of the World Cup. 

It should be noted that originally, the aforementioned match had been contemplated as the one that would mark the start of Qatar 2022, but it was announced shortly after that Senegal vs. the Netherlands would be the opening match, in a break with the World Cup tradition that usually gives that honor to the reigning champion or the host country. 

Thus, and according to the sources aforementioned, FIFA would make these modifications to Qatar 2022 official once its Bureau approves them, something that should happen soon as the World Cup is approaching the iconic date of 100 days to start.