Liverpool are not in their best moment this season. In the Premier League, they currently are in 7th place losing ground for the Champions League berths against teams on the rise such as Arsenal, Manchester City, Newcastle and Manchester United.

Next month, in a blockbuster series, Liverpool have to face Real Madrid in the Round of 16 at the Champions League. At this moment, considering the Reds' situation, the reigning champions are clear favorites. A few weeks ago, Manchester City eliminated them from the Carabao Cup. Things are just not looking good.

So, many experts believe Liverpool have to make some moves in the transfer market. However, when a reporter asked that question to Jurgen Klopp, the German coach wouldn't have it. Continue reading to find out all the details of the explosive answer and the polemic exchange of words.

Jurgen Klopp hits back at reporter for question about Liverpool transfers

Prior to the game against Brighton, reporter Carl Markham asked Jurgen Klopp this question: "You said earlier that you can't solve all problems in the transfer market. Is it because you don't think there are players who can solve the problems, you can't get them or is it financial?" After hearing that, Liverpool's coach exploded and had enough of the situation.

"I've had I think six thousand press conferences at Liverpool and you were pretty much part of 5 999. In different seats, but you were always there. Come on. I have to tell you again the money story? Really? Do I have to tell it again? What could be the reason? That we have money like crazy, but we don't buy the players available? That's what you think of me? After all the years? Why you ask a question when the answer lies on the table? I don't understand that. I really don’t understand that."

Jurgen Klopp knows the club is living a tough moment. However, he just won't go and spend it all buying new players. "You cannot solve all problems in the transfer market. I know that in a dream land, you would just buy players and bring them in, but I don't see that coming."