Even though they spend millions every year, the continental glory remains elusive to Paris Saint-Germain. On Wednesday, their UEFA Champions League hopes ended in disappointing fashion at the hands of Bayern Munich.

PSG had arrived in Munich needing to overcome a one-goal deficit after losing in France, but they were nowhere near turning the series around. In the end, it was the same old story for a club that can't seem to compete in Europe.

That seems to be frustrating for their own players, especially for a multiple Champions League winner like Sergio Ramos. A video of the Spaniard apparently cursing on Paris during the game went viral hours later, but he set the record straight on social media.

Sergio Ramos denies cursing on PSG in viral video

In the video, Ramos appears to be cursing on his current team in Spanish. The literal translation sounds much worse, since it's not a typical expression in English. Either way, the outburst seems disrespectful for PSG. But Ramos said the video it's taken out of context.

"I don't usually dwell on this subject, but I don't want to overlook something that didn't happen," Ramos wrote on Twitter. "At no time do I say Paris, I make a sound of disappointment 'pssss' or 'pfff' in the context of an expression (rude, I admit) that we are used to saying in football. Let's not invent, let's not look for something where there isn't."

Ramos, 36, had previously taken to Twitter to share his disappointment on the result: "Deeply disappointed for you and for us. We were not at the level that the UCL requires. We didn't handle the small details that are key and our main objective is gone. It's painful, but champions are reborn from defeat and forged in adversity. We’ll be back!"