Alexia Putellas is not done yet. After the controversial kiss Luis Rubiales gave to Jenni Hermoso without consent in the Women’s World Cup final, he is out as president of the Spanish Football Federation. However, the players want deeper changes.

FIFA had already suspended Rubiales for his behavior and Hermoso filed charges for the incident. Jorge Vilda was fired as coach and Montse Tome took over, but, the reigning champions aren’t happy.

Now, in a very controversial statement, Alexia Putellas spoke for the first time about some examples of the bad treatment they had to endure during the last years.

Alexia Putellas explodes against the Spanish Football Federation

Though many players didn’t want to be called to the Nations League by Montse Tome, they showed up and got a win on the road against Sweden. After that victory, and before the next matchup with Switzerland, Alexia Putellas had a strong message for all the critics.

“Zero tolerance for what the entire world saw. Zero tolerance for the things which haven’t been seen because they weren’t live and we cannot talk about them as there’s an ongoing legal procedure. The system failed. The Federation failed, The country failed.”

Furthermore, Putellas gave some examples about the terrible conditions they suffered under Luis Rubiales. She guaranteed this bad treatment isn’t new at all and just got exposed thanks to Jenni Hermoso’s controversy.

“They made us travel six or seven hours by bus while the rival comfortably flew. We had to wake up at three in the morning to catch a plane and those schedules are not suitable for elite athletes. You have just seen this, but we have been for years in this situation.”