Piers Morgan is not a happy Arsenal fan, that has been made apparent by his latest editorial for The Sun, the former CNN pundit was not a smash hit in the States, but in England he continues to make harsh claims. Arsenal who has bounced back from a terrible start to the Premier League season sit sixth in the standings and while Mikel Arteta’s side has improved, Morgan was not impressed after the team’s 0-0 draw with Burnley.

In the editorial, Morgan pointed out, “Sunday night, as the final whistle blew at the Emirates after a pathetic performance against bottom-of-the-table Burnley, and loud boos rang out from the considerably-empty-chaired crowd, and half our team lay flat-lined on the pitch like they’d been shot, I once again found myself silent, open-mouthed, and staring blankly ahead. I’d returned to my old catatonic state.”

Morgan eventually went on to blast Arteta’s tactics and compared being an Arsenal fan this season to “Robert De Niro’s character Leonard Lowe in the movie Awakenings.” Here is more on what Piers Morgan had to say about Arsenal’s season.

Piers Morgan on Arsenal

Morgan continued his rant by stating, “Our tactics were shocking, our creativity non-existent, and there were frequent moments when we just stopped running and sloped around like energy-devoid sloths, endlessly tip-tapping the ball from side to side as if too fearful of Arteta’s permanent touchline wrath to try anything more adventurous.”

Morgan also stated, “Arteta’s ‘trust the process’ drugs had worn off… It wasn’t just the fact we couldn’t beat the worst team in the league at home that sank the spirit, it was the way we played that was so finger-gnawingly depressing.”