Eintracht Frankfurt's fans have had a lot to be happy about this week. The German team defeated Barcelona 3-2, thus, reaching the Semi-Finals of the UEFA Europa League. The match also made the headlines due to the fact that more than 30,000 Eintracht devotees were present in the stands of Camp Nou on Thursday.

At Camp Nou, the visiting supporters purchased just approximately 5,000 tickets, but more than 30,000 people turned out, cheering on their side as they defeated the Catalan club and moved on in their European Cup Quarter-Finals round matchup.

According to a statement from Barcelona supporter organization Nostra Ensenya, local fans were humiliated and accused club executives of endangering their safety during Sunday's game. Before the Cadiz clash on Monday in La Liga, some Blaugrana fans are even likely to gather outside the stadium to protest the flood of Frankfurt fans for their Europa League game in the mid-week.

Watch: Former Eintracht Frankfurt player Martin Fenin attacked by Barcelona fans

Not only did the Blaugrana was were upset as a result of the unexpected elimination from the Europa League, but they were also troubled by the lack of home support for the side. Some of them even took things that far to attack the Eagles' supporters on the streets of Barcelona.

One of them is 34-year-old Martin Fenin, a Czech player who played for Eintracht between 2008 and 2011. The experienced striker was one of the people who were present in the stands for the spectacle. However, his trip to Spain quickly turned into hell. 

Fenina and his wife Beata were brutally attacked by fans of the Catalan big club. In addition, they both ended up in the police. The current FK Reporyje player took to Instagram to share his terrifying experience: "Unfortunately, it's me and my wife. After the match at Nou Camp, we were attacked and then imprisoned for 36 hours without food or drink."

The video shows a Czech footballer being attacked on the street by one fan from behind and the other in a Barcelona jersey brutally kicking him in the air. Fenin then receives another kick as he lies on the ground, protecting his head with her hands.