Lionel Messi's departure from Barcelona is a reality, the Argentine star has already joined PSG and will play away from Camp Nou for the first time in his career. His legendary number 10 jersey is now untaken, and Gerard Pique has shared his thoughts on who should wear it.

Messi, who will be Paris Saint-Germain's No. 30, has been more than up to the task of wearing Barca's No. 10. Countless renowned stars have used the shirt throughout history, but only a few have done it as great as Messi did.

Therefore, it won't be easy for the Catalans to find the right successor to such a significant jersey. Some players on the current squad might earn the chance to doing so, and Pique already has his candidate.

Gerard Pique has his candidate to inherit Barcelona's No. 10 after Messi

If we talk about players whose opinions have an impact in Barcelona, Gerard Pique would be certainly one of them. The veteran center-back is entering his 14th straight season at the club, and first one without Lionel Messi by his side.

During a conversation with Spanish streamer Ibai on Twitch, Pique expressed that he wants Kun Aguero to wear the No. 10: "Well, I think someone will have to wear it. I told Kun to take it, but he doesn't see it very clearly," he said. "Wearing the number 10 is very cool, but on the other hand, very difficult as well because of history."

While there's still plenty of expectation about what will happen, it seems like Sergio Aguero will wear No. 19. Besides, Memphis Depay has already taken the number 9, so it's still uncertain if Barca's number 10 jersey will be used this season.