Erling Haaland will be moving on from Borussia Dortmund, it is just a matter of time. The 21-year-old Norwegian striker is without question the most lethal goal scorer in the world. To put it in perspective Haaland has scored 45 goals in 47 games for Dortmund. Before that he scored 17 goals in only 16 games for Red Bull Salzburg.

Haaland is being monitored closely by Real Madrid, his most likely destination, Bayern Munich, and Manchester City. Dortmund have been very cautious about selling Haaland, knowing that while under contract Haaland could become the biggest transfer in the history of the sport. Transfer rumors as high as 200 million Euros have been thrown around and even Haaland himself has stated, “that is too much for one football player.”

Nonetheless Dortmund is sitting on a gold mine and will most likely get the most money they have ever seen for one of their players. Still, the brass is making a short list as to who will replace the goal scorer when he leaves. Here are the four players Borussia Dortmund believe can replace Haaland according to a report in Bild.

Timo Werner

Timo Werner has largely been a disappointment at Chelsea and a change of scenery would do him wonders. Werner is a capable forward who simply seems to not be at the right place. Werner would be a good signing for Borussia Dortmund.

Lautaro Martinez

Lautaro Martinez would be one of the biggest gambles Dortmund would ever take, not because the Argentine is not talented, but because the former Racing Club player would command a huge transfer fee. Almost half of what would be paid for Haaland. Lautaro Martinez is open to a move, being the target of various Premier League sides, would he be as keen to go to the Bundesliga?

Marcus Thuram

Borussia Monchengladbach's Marcus Thuram is just coming into his own having a very good season last year. While not the big-time goal scorer like Martinez or Werner, Thuram is more in line with players Dortmund sign.

Andrea Belotti

Torino striker Andrea Belotti is a bit older and has put up very decent numbers for the Serie A side. Belotti would be very under the radar and would most likely be the least expensive of the four. Belotti’s issue is his age, at 27 Dortmund would be his only big-time transfer.