In Denmark's UEFA European Championship 2020 opening soccer game in Group B against Finland, Christian Eriksen fell on the pitch. The Inter midfielder has slipped in the 43rd minute, landing unconsciously on the grass whilst his teammate Thomas Delaney went ahead to toss the ball towards him.

The match was paused immediately as the players returned to the changing room and Eriksen received medical care. The doctors have provided him with CPR and he has instantly been taken to a hospital. The Danish players, who were all in tears, were comforted by Eriksen's wife at the pitch. Finland's players and game officials then fled the spot to postpone the match indefinitely due to a "medical emergency".

According to both UEFA's and the Denmark football federation's Twitter accounts, Eriksen is currently awake and will undergo further examination at the Rigshospitalet, a highly specialized hospital in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The game will restart at 2:30 PM (ET), as per the request of both teams' players after learning that Eriksen's situation is stable. The final four minutes of the first half will be played, followed by a five-minute half-time break, and then the start of the second half, UEFA have confirmed. Tonight's Euro 2020 Group B match between Belgium and Russia will take place as scheduled at 3:00 PM (ET).