The Gold Cup 2021 is coming to an end with a massive final between Mexico and the USMNT at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. Of course, these teams are not only after sporting glory, as they also want to claim the money at stake.

The 16th edition of the tournament has been a special one, since Concacaf is also celebrating their 60th anniversary. Fortunately, the United States has allowed fans at sporting events, so we'll see a packed Allegiant Stadium in the grand final.

The soccer community is in for a treat as two of the region's powers will be head to head with Gold Cup glory on the line. Here, check out what the monetary reward will be for this year's champions.


Gold Cup 2021: How much money does the champion get? 

Although Concacaf hasn’t announced officially how much the money prize will be for this edition, some reports are providing figures. According to Marca Claro, all the teams who play the Group Stage received $200k each

However, the champion of the Gold Cup 2021 will get $1 million, while the finalist will take home $500k. The team who finishes third will take another $200k. According to other reports, Concacaf could increase their reward. Right now, it is the same amount that the teams received in the 2019 edition. 

In comparison with other regional competitions, the money prize for the Gold Cup 2021 is not the highest. For example, the Copa America 2021 champions earned $10 million, while every participant got $4 million. On the other hand, the European champions took home $12 million.