The long-awaited Copa America Argentina-Colombia 2021 will kick off soon, after being postponed because of the Covid breakout a year ago. This will be the 47th edition of the tournament that brings together the South American soccer national teams since 1916. 

Every time this competition takes place there are high expectations and huge excitement as this continent has the most evenly matched duels in the world. Powerful sides face each other looking to claim the highly-desired title, which had eight different winners through history. 

The last edition that was held in Brazil in 2019 was conquered by the hosts, so now everybody will be looking to take the trophy away from them. Soon before the competition begins, let's take a look into the Copa América 2021 format, teams, groups, schedule, and key dates. 

Copa América 2021 Format

For the first time, the tournament will be held in two different countries, as Argentina and Colombia are going to distribute the games. The Copa América frequently hands an invitation to other nations to take part in the competition. Australia and Qatar, who were invited for this event before the pandemic changed the whole situation, stepped down, so only the South American teams will be participating.

The ten countries will be represented by their men's national soccer teams, which will be divided into two groups of five. The first four of Group A and B will move on to the quarter-finals. Only the two bottom-placed sides won't progress to that round. One group will play in Argentina and the other in Colombia. The first and second-placed teams will stay in the same territory, while the third and fourth-seeded squads will have to move to the other country to continue their path in the competition. The final and the match for the third place, however, are going to be decided in Colombia.

Copa América 2021 Teams and Groups 

Group A (Argentina):

. Argentina
. Bolivia
. Uruguay
. Chile
. Paraguay

Group B (Colombia):

. Colombia
. Brazil
. Venezuela 
. Ecuador
. Peru

Copa America 2021 Schedule

The Copa America will begin on June 13th, in Buenos Aires, when Argentina faces off against Chile, and will end on July 10th, with the final in Barranquilla. The group stage will take place from June 13th to 28th, and the knockout stages will be played from July 2nd onwards.

Round 1

. Argentina vs Chile, June 13th.
. Paraguay vs Bolivia, June 13th.
. Colombia vs Ecuador, June 14th.
. Brazil vs Venezuela, June 14th.

Round 2

. Argentina vs Uruguay, June 17th.
. Chile vs Bolivia, June 17th.
. Peru vs Brazil, June 18th.
. Colombia vs Venezuela, June 18th.

Round 3

. Argentina vs Paraguay, June 20th.
. Uruguay vs Chile, June 20th.
. Venezuela vs Ecuador, June 21st.
. Colombia vs Peru, June 21st.

Round 4

. Bolivia vs Uruguay, June 23rd.
. Chile vs Paraguay, June 23rd.
. Colombia vs Brazil, June 24th.
. Ecuador vs Peru, June 24th.

Round 5

. Argentina vs Bolivia, June 27th.
. Uruguay vs Paraguay, June 27th.
. Ecuador vs Brazil, June 28th.
. Venezuela vs Peru, June 28th.

. 1A vs 4B, July 2nd.
. 2A vs 3B, July 2nd.
. 1B vs 4A, July 3rd.
. 2B vs 3A, July 3rd.

. G21 vs G22, July 5th.
. G23 vs G24, July 6th.

Third and fourth place 
. P26 vs P25, July 9th.

. G26 vs G25, July 10th.

Copa America 2021 Key Dates

. Argentina vs Chile, June 13th.
. Argentina vs Uruguay, June 17th.
. Uruguay vs Chile, June 20th.
. Colombia vs Brazil, June 24th.

. Quarter-finals: July 2nd and 3rd.

. Semi-finals: July 5th and 6th.

. Final: July 10th.