The 2022 Copa CONMEBOL Sudamericana is one of the big tournaments in South America where the best teams compete for a big title. Forty-four teams enter the tournament but not all will have access to the tournament stages. The 2022 Copa Sudamericana started on March 8 with what was the first stage.

This tournament is a consolation for some teams that could not qualify for the 2022 Copa Libertadores, but that does not detract from the importance of this tournament. Since the same high level of play can be seen in both tournaments.

Athletico Paranaense are the defending champions of the Copa Sudamericana title, that was the only time a Brazilian team won the title for the second time. So far three teams are tied for the first spot in the table of records with two titles each.

Copa Sudamericana 2022 Group Stage: Complete Schedule

The group stage begins one month after the first stage, officially the Group Stage of the 2022 Copa Sudamericana begins on April 5, 2022. That day, April 5, the first games of the tournament will be played by groups G, F, D and C.

Matchday Dates Matches
Matchday 1 5–7 April 2022 Team 4 vs. Team 2, Team 3 vs. Team 1
Matchday 2 12–14 April 2022 Team 2 vs. Team 3, Team 1 vs. Team 4
Matchday 3 26–28 April 2022 Team 2 vs. Team 1, Team 4 vs. Team 3
Matchday 4 3–5 May 2022 Team 3 vs. Team 2, Team 4 vs. Team 1
Matchday 5 17–19 May 2022 Team 1 vs. Team 2, Team 3 vs. Team 4
Matchday 6 24–26 May 2022 Team 1 vs. Team 3, Team 2 vs. Team 4

What is the format of the 2022 Copa Sudamericana Group Stage?

The format of this tournament is not different from other local tournaments, teams play a couple of games against each other as home team and as visitors (round-robin). Within the standings in the group stage, the teams that win a game get 3 points, one point for drawing and nothing for losses.

In case of a tie in the standings, the spots in the standings within the groups will be defined with by goal difference. Only the winners of each group advance to the next stage, round of 16.

What are the important dates of the group stage?

The dates of the first games, April 5, 6 and 7 officially start the Group Stage games in the 2022 Copa Sudamericana. While the last games of this stage will be played on May 26, 2022.

How to watch the 2022 Copa Sudamericana group stage in the US?

The official TV Channel that will broadcast most of the Copa Sudamericana games is beIN Sports in English and Spanish. That is the same television network that broadcasts the Copa Libertadores. On the other hand, the best live stream service to watch the tournament is FuboTV with 7-day free trial.