2021 is finally here and even though we’re still going through a pandemic, international competitions, especially in soccer, will return. Costa Rica national team will be one of those teams with a very moving year that will have a lot of action from the start through the end. 

They will have to compete in three flanks throughout the year, with their biggest goal being qualifying for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It won’t be an easy task to carry out but Los Ticos are ready to have a good performance and confirm they’re still one of the best teams in CONCACAF

It is time to go through their calendar for this year. They will face big rivals on their way to the World Cup, they will compete in the Gold Cup and also will try to make it to the Olympic Games. There is a lot to see but here we are; this is the Costa Rica national team schedule in 2021. 

Costa Rica vs United States (Olympic Qualifiers) - March 18, 2021

The Costa Rica Under-23 national soccer team started its 2021 Concacaf Olympic Qualifying Championship against United States at the Estadio Jalisco on March 18. It was their first game in the Group A, also called the "Group of Death". Costa Rica lost 1-0 to the US in their opening game.

Costa Rica vs Mexico (Olympic Qualifiers) - March 21, 2021

The Ticos continue their journey in the Concacaf Olympic Qualifiers on March 21, when they meet host Mexico at the Akron Stadium in Guadalajara. It will be another tough game for Costa Rica, who dream with advancing to the semifinals.

Costa Rica vs Dominican Republic (Olympic Qualifiers) - March 24, 2021

The Costa Rican national team close its Group A campaign against Dominican Republic on Martch 24 at the Estadio Jalisco. This will be the opportunity for the Ticos to clinch a win against the weakest rival of the group. 

Costa Rica vs Bosnia-Herzegovina - March 27, 2021

La Sele will play their first international friendly of the year against Bosnia-Herzegovina. The match will be played on March 27 in Zenica. It will also be the first game of the national team's European Tour. 

Costa Rica vs Mexico - March 30, 2021

The national team will play an international friendly against Mexico on March 30. It will be the Costa Rican side second game of the year and vs. a strong rival. The venue has not been confirmed yet.

Costa Rica schedule for the CONCACAF Nations League 

México vs Costa Rica - June 

This game will be for the semi-finals of the CONCACAF Nations League. It’ll be played at some point in June, with the definite date to be determined. 

Costa Rica vs Winner or Loser of Game 1 - June 

Depending on their result in the game against México, Costa Rica will play in the final of the tournament or the third-place game. Again, this game will be played in June on a date to be determined in the future. 

Costa Rica schedule for 2021 Gold Cup 

This tournament will be played from July 1st through August 10th and of course, Costa Rica will be a participant. They are part of Group C with Jamaica, Surinam and another team that will be defined before the start of the competition. 

Costa Rica vs TBD - July 

Costa Rica vs TBD - July 

TBD vs Costa Rica  - July 

Costa Rica schedule for the 2022 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

There are some unknown rivals here. These teams will play in prior rounds before making it to these points. As usual, Costa Rica will have big rivals such as México and United States, the two giants of the confederation. 

Winner of C or D vs Costa Rica - June 

Costa Rica vs México - June 

Costa Rica will receive México, their rival in the Nations League semi-final, in the second game of the first stage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers. These duels always bring a lot of emotion and this one probably won't be the exception. 

Costa Rica vs Jamaica - June 

After facing México, Costa Rica will receive Jamaica, a team that they'll face in the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup. The venue for the match hasn't been announced yet, just like the case of matches for the national team. 

Honduras vs Costa Rica - June 

Costa Rica will visit Honduras in the fourth game they will have in June. They are in for a very entertaining summer and these matches will be very exhausting for them. The venue of this game is yet to be announced.  

Costa Rica vs Winner of A or F - September 

United States vs Costa Rica - September 

Costa Rica will have to visit the United States in September to face USMNT. These two teams have created some sort of rivalry in recent times and whenever they go at it, you know the match will be very entertaining. 

Winner of B or E vs Costa Rica - October 

Costa Rica vs Honduras - October 

Costa Rica will receive Honduras at home in the second game of October. At this point, the competition will be hard for everybody and any point they can get will be crucial in their fight for a spot in the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Costa Rica vs Winner of C or D - November 

México vs Costa Rica - November 

Costa Rica will finish their competitive year with a game against México, in México. They will try to take advantage in their first game against the North American team. Otherwise, they will need to go to México to get a good result in a venue that hasn't been very favorable for them in recent times.