As details continue to pour in one thing is for certain, Eduardo Salvio of Boca Juniors was behind the wheel of his BMW when he ran over his ex-wife and took off from the scene. Magalí Aravena was injured in the incident and Boca Juniors has issued a statement to comply with the investigation.

Salvio was with a woman, Sol Scheckler, on a night out in the lavish Puerto Madero neighborhood in Buenos Aires when his ex-wife Magalí Aravena intercepted the vehicle in the company of someone else. Now Aravena has broken her silence and spoken to famed Argentine gossip journalist Ángel de Brito.

After telling the journalist that she regrets that the situation became so public she began through WhatsApp messages with the journalist to give details of what occurred. Aravena texted: "I never wanted to hit anyone, I just asked (Salvio) to get out of the car. He dragged me back and forth.” Aravena continued, "I separated three weeks ago and a week ago I moved in with my children. I never had a stick to hit him with. I want all the videos to appear, including those that were recorded by those who were in the car. And I went to the passenger side because my husband's glass was rolled up. I was with him for thirteen years."

Fallout from the incident with Boca Juniors

Boca Juniors as a club began to do its own version of damage control. For Boca, a club marred in conflicts and problems both on and off the field, it is the fourth incident of abuse against women by players from the club going back to 2018.

Boca Juniors at the moment have left things in the hands of the authorities although publicly have stated to cooperate fully with the investigation. Salvio’s contract is up in the coming months and while he was in negotiations to extend his stay, that looks doubtful now.

Salvio has the second highest contract at Boca Juniors and returned to full training today with no inner sanctions from the club and could still see the field during the weekend. Although when leaving the country to play internationally Salvio must inform the prosecutor's office.

The player was ordered to stay away from Aravena as far as 900 feet. The player cannot have any contact with Aravena unless it pertains to their children and cannot drive a car for 30 days. Salvio’s defense attorney has stated that the player was never “on the run” and will present evidence of what transpired in the coming days. In regard to the hit and run, the attorney stated that Salvio was driving an automatic vehicle and that it moved when the player shifted gears.