In the northeastern Mexican capital, the new Leon football stadium will be constructed along the Francisco Villa boulevard. The architecture competition featured six leading bidders, including teams from the finest builder stadium in Mexico, America, and Spain. 

The stadium architecture was first revealed in 2018 and it was given to the US company HKS, who have been known for projects such as the US Bank Stadium in Minnesota state and the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indiana state. Back then, the City of León lost the stadium to businessman Roberto Zermeño. The seven-year-old fight concluded with Zermeño's court order to own the only professional stadium, Nou Camp.

Now the new planned stadium has a total of 35,000 seats, but it features no fewer than 300 private boxes, major lounges, and other business hospitality options according to Mexican tradition. Therefore the auditorium has only one normal seating area. Above it are intended separate services, with 'laola' sections on three sides of standard benches.

Another render of the new Club León stadium. (HKS Architects)

Liga MX: Everything you need to know about the new Club León stadium

A major pavilion with hotel rooms facing the field is proposed to the north. Over three sides of the stage, there is a spacious and partially translucent canopy with 4 primary and 13 secondary pylons. It is intended to capture rainwater, one of the many ecological characteristics of nature, for internal use.

The stadium is esthetically quite traditional, but it gives the long-lasting industry of leather tanning in the city acknowledgment. The stadium is adorned by small stripes of brown metal, which resemble leather parts left to dry.

The stadium is not just followed by your hotel in order to make it a week-long destination, rather than just a weekend. To the west, along with the museum and halls of fame, the University of Football, and other recreational sports, a new shopping mall with 3,500 parking lots are planned (east of the stadium). A total of 124,000 m2 is required of the complex.

The beginning of the construction was set for May or June 2020, but the ambitious project had to be postponed indefinitely as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Club León president Jesús Martínez Murguía has confirmed that the construction will begin in 2011, and the building process is expected to end in 2023.