Soccer has gone through a number of changes over the last few years, starting with the implementation of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR), extended substitutions as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, and many more.

But there could be another significant modification to the beautiful game in the near future. FIFA seem keen to shorten the wait between a World Cup and the next one, proposing the controversial idea of holding the most anticipated soccer tournament every two years, starting in 2026.

This idea has been on FIFA president Gianni Infantino's mind for a while and it wouldn't wait any longer to be put into effect. Here, check out the leaked plan of the soccer governing body to hold a World Cup every two years.

FIFA wants to hold the World Cup every two years, plan to do so revealed

Cadena Ser's show El Larguero revealed that FIFA has confirmed the national team's federations its firm stance to reduce the interval between every World Cup and it has also leaked the new calendar to go ahead with this game-changer.

The modification, to be implemented from 2026 onwards, would reduce the time each player will leave their respective clubs for international duty from 50 days a year to 30. This is one of the reasons why FIFA justifies its initiative.

Moreover, El Larguero claims that the leaked document also reads that the World Cup Qualifiers will have a maximum of seven encounters, reducing the number of international windows to two, at best. One would be held in October and the other in March. Another option is that all games are played only in October.

FIFA also defend this idea claiming that players would have to travel less with this new calendar, helping their recovery after each game and, ultimately, benefiting their clubs. But the main reason the soccer governing body has always cited was to give more chances of making a World Cup appearance to different countries and players.

The new schedule would be voted in December, and it seems like it has strong possibilities of being approved. Will this threaten the soul of the game, or will it make the World Cup even more attractive?