Georginio Wijnaldum left Liverpool in 2020 because he felt that he was not “loved and appreciated”, well PSG it appears are also not “appreciating” the Netherlands international midfielder’s talent. In a head scratching interview Wijnaldum, who has played in 8 of a possible 9 games for PSG is not happy with his “lack of minutes”.

In a deep squad the midfielder has made 6 starts in all competitions this season having not scored a goal. Wijnaldum told NOS that it has been difficult adjusting to the “lack of playing time” for the French powerhouse.

Wijnaldum arrived at PSG via a free transfer from Liverpool where he played in 237 games for the club in all competitions and scored 22 goals winning 4 titles.  In a midfield that consists of Neymar, Messi, and Di Maria playing time may be difficult to come by for Wijnaldum who is keeping his head up during the “difficult” situation.

Georginio Wijnaldum not happy with PSG

In the NOS interview Georginio Wijnaldum stated, "I can't say I'm completely happy, because the situation is not what I wanted… But that's football and I'll have to learn to deal with that. I'm a fighter.” Wijnaldum went on to say, "I have to stay positive and work hard to turn it around. I have played a lot in recent years, was always fit and also did very well. This is something different and that takes getting used to.”

While it can be debated what Wijnaldum thought he was getting himself into on a squad who has big time quality players on their roster, while playing time has been limited, he has still partaken in many matches for PSG. "I was really looking forward to the new step and then this happens. It is very difficult” Wijnaldum finished off by stating while on duty with the Netherlands.