Colombian authorities are working hard to locate the criminals who have kidnapped the father of Liverpool and Colombian winger Luis Diaz. According to reports out of Colombia, authorities have good information that the gang is located in an inhospitable jungle terrain of the Perija Mountains near the Venezuelan border.

Two sniffing dogs have been brought in to aid the police in narrowing down the location of the gang. On October 28, Luis Manuel Diaz was kidnapped in his hometown of Barrancas.

The army has also been brought in to aid in the search, as the gang is believed to be on foot with their captive after dumping the motorbikes they used for the kidnapping.

Luis Diaz staying strong despite horrible kidnapping

It is important to note that Diaz’s mother was also targeted and was with her husband at the time of the kidnapping. Cilenis Marulanda was found hours later and rescued by the authorities.

On Tuesday a massive march took place where people took to the streets of Barrancas demanding the return of Diaz’s father. Diaz took to Instagram to mobilize the town by breaking his silence, “Take your candle to ignite the light of hope” was Diaz’s message to every one of his fans as he deals with the developing story of his dad’s kidnapping.

Luiz Diaz at Liverpool

Diaz arrived at Anfield in 2022 after a successful stint at FC Porto, until his father’s kidnapping Diaz had scored 2 goals in 9 Premier League games this season. In two years at Liverpool, the Colombian has 14 goals in 58 games, winning three titles with The Reds.