The summer transfer window gave us some shocking moves and one of them was the return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United, where he played for six years from 2003 to 2009. Red devils’ fans are impatient to see the second debut of the Portuguese with their team. 

Cristiano Ronaldo’s sign announcement generated a lot of talk in the soccer community. Among other things, people were wondering what number Cristiano would take, as the number 7 was the property of Edinson Cavani. 

However, the Uruguayan was generous enough to let Cristiano his iconic number seven and he decided to wear the 21. So, it’s not surprising that fans are desperate to buy the new Ronaldo jersey. Here, check out how much it cost

How much does Cristiano’s Manchester United shirt cost? 

Cristiano Ronaldo’s number seven Manchester United shirt has different prizes, depending on the model. The authentic home shirt, original and the Cup edition, which is the one that players wear, with Cristiano’s name on it costs $153 for men and women. 

There’s a cheaper version, which is not the “authentic” one but has little differences in the fabric, that costs $113 for men and women, and for kids costs $93. The away shirt and the third shirt have the same prices, depending on if they are authentic or not. 

You can buy Ronaldo’s shirt in the the Manchester United's official store and they have international shipping. It seems like everyone wants the shirt with Cristiano's name on it, as it has been reported in multiple news outlets that Ronaldo is the top Premier League shirt seller already with fans spending out £32.5m ($A60m) on his jersey.