Manchester United is back, the red devils are tied for first place in the Premier League, and after a few misses in the transfer market, this summer they brought in a group of players to take them back to the top of European soccer. None bigger than Cristiano Ronaldo.

Now a report has surfaced in The Sun that Manchester United could be spending up to £65 million more in wages than last year and that has supporters concerned. United is set to pay £387 million in salaries this season, around the same amount Barcelona spent in 2020.

While Manchester United is privately owned and has much better bookkeeping than the Barcelona brass, the wage sum does not include what United will see in regard to revenues from TV deals, jersey sales, and other marketing opportunities. Here is a breakdown of the wages Manchester United will pay this season.

Manchester United highest salaries

To put into perspective what Manchester United are paying their players, Cristiano Ronaldo is making £480,000-a-week, he is the team’s highest earner. David De Gea, often criticized goalkeeper is at £375,000 a week. Jadon Sancho is earning £350k-a-week in wages.

Raphael Varane is on £340k-a-week while other players such as Anthony Martial is on £250k-a-week. Uruguayan forward Edinson Cavani and Marcus Rashford make £200k a week and Bruno Fernandes makes £180k a week.

Paul Pogba who is looking for a new contract to become one of the teams’ highest earners is at the moment at 290,000 pounds a week. United have certainly shelled out the big bucks to compete in Europe’s elite once again and anything other than a Premier League crown will almost certainly be a failure for the red devils.