Major League Soccer is on the rise, with 11 teams drawing over 20,000 fans per game and selling out many of their Soccer Specific Stadiums during the course of their seasons. MLS has become a selling league as well as a place for young talents to ply their trade before moving to Europe.

As of May 15, of 2022 average attendance in MLS is at a healthy 22,450. It would seem that the league in regard to fans in the stands has become major league for quite some time now.

Transcending the passion in the stands to media platforms is now on top of Don Garber’s mind as the league is preparing to negotiate a new television deal. Here are all 28 teams in MLS current attendance numbers in 2022.

28. Inter Miami CF - 13,124

Inter Miami’s initial buzz has faded and fast as in 2022 the club has played 6 home matches and are drawing crowds in the 11,000’s, very much reminiscent of the Miami Fusion days. The old saying of Miami being a sports town continues to be a theory.

27. San Jose Earthquakes - 13,172

The once proud Earthquakes started the 2022 season much like they finished 2021, losing. Since firing Matías Almeyda the club has begun to win again and hopefully will drive fans back.

26. Colorado Rapids - 13,421

The Colorado Rapids have a steady fan base and look for this number to increase during the summer as the Rapids usually drive in crowds during the hotter months.

25. CF Montreal - 13,544

Crowds have improved for CF Montreal as the team is one of the 2022 biggest surprises. When doing well the team is known to sellout or play to bigger crowds.

24. New York Red Bulls - 15,494

The New York Red Bulls have started the season well but continue to play to a half empty stadium in what really is one of the finest Soccer Stadiums in the United States. The Red Bull organization has never been able to crack the interest riddle for the team.

23. Houston Dynamo - 15,713

The Dynamo are under new ownership and while yet to make a big splash the club has a beautiful venue that has suffered through some poor seasons. A bump in the standings could also mean a bump in butts in the seats.

22. FC Dallas - 15,926

FC Dallas have spent big this offseason and interest has returned to Dallas with the seller club formula. With some big time players and youth players, FC Dallas is a team to watch in MLS and if they continue to climb the standings look for this number to get bigger.

21.  D.C. United - 16,110

Despite some up and down seasons, DC United continues to have healthy attendance figures, but nearly 10,000 less fans than their hey-days at RFK in the mid-90s, the club should have a fanbase to always sell out their stadium. 

20. Chicago Fire - 16,947

Leaving their own Soccer Specific Stadium to move back to the more central Soldier Field, the Fire’s attendance will depend on if the team improves.

19. Vancouver Whitecaps - 16,997

Whitecaps have had very little to cheer about since the club entered MLS. Despite being a bottom feeder since their inception the club has always maintained consistent attendance numbers.

18. NYCFC - 17,177

The MLS champions will see their numbers increase during the year, NYCFC is a team that has the makings to be championship caliber again this season. It’d be nice if they could find a home.

17. Orlando City SC - 17,519

The Lions have always had unbalanced attendance numbers, despite the last two years having a very competitive team. Orlando like Miami depends a lot on how hot the day is to see fans head out to the park.

16. Philadelphia Union - 17,589

The Union have a great team, and they play to near capacity crowds almost on a weekly basis, the Doop play to one of the best fanbases in the league. 

15. NE Revolution -18,121

The New England Revolution have turned it around as a once lagging organization, Bruce Arena has made the Revs exciting and fun to watch, this has brought back the over 20,000 fans to games that remind us of the great market New England can be.

14. Sporting KC - 18,530

Sporting KC continue to be a jewel of MLS mid-market teams, Sporting usually plays to sellout crowds and have a lovely facility to watch a soccer match. 

13. Columbus Crew - 18,572

The Columbus Crew are the first team to have their own soccer specific stadium and then were the first to build their second SSS. The Crew are closer to the inner city and continue to draw nice crowds. 

12. Minnesota United - 19,226 

The Loons have a beautiful stadium and play in front of sellout crowds consistently since they arrived in MLS. The Loons have a great fan base and hopefully will get them some silverware for their supporters. 

11. Real Salt Lake - 20,217

RSL fans are huge supporters of their team and for over a decade the club has been in the 20,000 range. Real Salt Lake seem to be growing again on the field and those fans will be there. 

10. FC Cincinnati - 20,476

FC Cincinnati has an incredible fan base but unfortunately the team has not lived up to the fans expectations. The club has struggled out the gate but at least the fans are there, for now.

9. Austin FC - 20,738

What a team Austin FC has been in year two, playing in front of some of the best fans in the league, Austin FC is ready to surprise many people this season in MLS.

8. LAFC - 22,051

LAFC continue to have a strong fanbase as the club continues to win their first major championship. The club has been a splash since their arrival in Los Angeles and has the makings of being something special. 

7. Toronto FC - 22,828

TFC expanded their stadium and have been an up and down franchise. The club is willing to spend big but at times don’t make the best decisions, nonetheless the fans continue to turn out, although they have no idea what kind of team they will see.

6. Portland Timbers - 23,566

If the Timbers played in a 35,000-seat stadium, they probably would sell it out. A great fan base and a team that plays for important titles, the Timbers are a must-see team in MLS.

5. LA Galaxy - 25,474

The Galaxy continues to draw over 20,000 as they have done for much of their MLS existence. The Galaxy is a much-improved side and will continue to draw during the year. 

4. Nashville SC -29,168

With their new stadium Nashville SC has one of the best facilities in all of MLS. A great venue it should be on every fan's bucket list to see an MLS game.

3. Seattle Sounders - 31,988

The Sounders have been a major player in MLS when it comes to attendance since their start in MLS they have drawn over 30,000 always.

2. Charlotte FC - 38,646

Charlotte was ready for MLS and MLS ready for Charlotte FC, but no one could have expected to see the team play to over 25,000 fans and even drawing 74,000 to their first ever game.

1. Atlanta United FC - 46,861

The five stripes continue to be the league leaders in attendance in MLS, always drawing over 40,000 for their games. Although in recent games the over 40,000 looks more like announced crowds rather than actual butts in the seats.