With the takeover of a Saudi consortium of Newcastle United, the once flaky Magpies now have a new lease on life in World soccer. That is if they survive this year and are not relegated by season's end. While rumors of all kinds have swirled over who the club will buy and what the club will do, one man looks out the door already, the club’s manager.

Steve Bruce sees the writing on the wall, and history has indicated when takeovers of this kind have happened before the first out the door are the underwhelming managers these owners inherit. Bruce with very little case, has Newcastle in 19th place and on the road towards relegation with rumors from AS stating he could be fired as early as next week.

Newcastle will be changing a lot of things over the next few years, the first is how they invest and purchase talent as a substantial upgrade is expected, they will also try to have the right manager calling the shots once the cash starts being spent, here are the reported managers Newcastle is said to be looking at.

Steven Gerrard

Steven Gerrard is currently with Glasgow Rangers in Scotland and recently won the Scottish Premier League, with very little left to do at Rangers a move back to the bright lights of England could be in the cards for the former LA Galaxy and England midfielder. Gerrard was once rumored to be in consideration for the Newcastle job a few seasons back.

Antonio Conte

Antonio Conte is on the shortlist of almost every team with a coaching vacancy and money. Conte would bring credibility to the Newcastle project and would be able to sway players to take a chance and call Newcastle home. If one thing these projects have proven before, despite the big money takeovers, it takes time for big names to make that leap of faith. A good manager is an important start to go A-list.

Frank Lampard

Frank Lampard had a disastrous run as Chelsea manager, and Newcastle is the right job for a second chance. Lampard showed a lot of courage and had a good run at Chelsea but the weight of managing a big club with big ambitions eventually caved in on him. Will Newcastle take that gamble?

Brendan Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers is one of the most solid coaches in the UK, and if Newcastle want to tackle getting the best in the Premier League before trying to get the best in global soccer, Brendan Rodgers could be that nexus. Rodgers is a big club manager and Newcastle would provide new ground and a chance to build the squad he wants with near limitless resources.