The departure of Lionel Messi in the summer of 2021 shocked the whole club. Although the financial part took a big hit, the team itself suffered a lot because what remained was a squad much less talented than usual. That’s where the biggest overhaul happened under head coach Xavi Hernández. There were a lot of big-time acquisitions lately, but Pedri appears as a cornerstone to build around.

Barcelona got the 19-year-old in a transaction with UD Las Palmas in what is already looking like a steal based on his projection. The move was signed in 2019, but he arrived in Catalonia in 2020. His rise in the soccer world occurred overnight because of his age, although his skills are something that can be noted immediately.

Pedri received a prestigious award by being named the 2021 Golden Boy in what started as a great career. The youngster is already part of the Spanish National Team, so his future seems very promising. That’s why the Culé’s gave him a brand-new contract not too long ago. Stay here to find out how much does he make along with other interesting details about his deal.

How much does Pedri make?

Pedri’s potential has been undeniable since the beginning. With the guidance of former superstar midfielder Xavi Hernández, he is taking the next step as an irreplaceable piece in a great club like Barcelona. Therefore, it is not surprising the Culés signed him in 2021 on a contract extension that runs through June 2026.

The rescission clause is another important fact being the highest in club’s history at 1.000 million euros. According to Marca, Pedri makes €38.000 per week or €1.976.00 yearly when it comes to his salary. That means he would earn around €5.400 daily, €226 hourly and €3.8 per minute. If he continues with his current performances those numbers will grow dramatically in his next extension.