The Premier League is the highest division of the English soccer league structure, sometimes referred to outside England as the English Premier League or the EPL. It's contested by 20 teams, and each one of them plays a total of 38 matches between home and away.

On 20 February 1992, after a vote by clubs in the Football League First Division, the competition was re-branded as the FA Premier League. Since then, 49 different clubs have competed in the league, and only seven have lifted the title at the end of the season.

Every year the league reveals player salaries and the list combines player wages and total compensation for the year. Previously, we published the Premier League all-time top goalscorers list, but the following list presents the highest-paid players in the Premier League.

20. Marcus Rashford - Manchester United - £10,400,000

The 24-year-old Manchester United forward has been with the club since 2015, playing in over 150 games and scoring over 50 goals in the Premier League. Rashford takes home a cool £10,400,000 per season.

19. Mohamed Salah - Liverpool - £10,400,000

One of the most lethal forwards in the world, Mohamed Salah would be considered grossly underpaid for the output he has had at Anfield. Nonetheless look for the Egyptian forward to get a pay hike soon.

18. Thiago Alcántara - Liverpool - £10,400,000

Board members must really look long and hard at themselves where Alcántara makes exactly the same as Salah. The Spanish midfielder played for Bayern Munich and Barcelona previously and has won many titles.

17. Thomas Partey - Arsenal - £10,400,000

Thomas Partey is another of Arsenal’s biggest flops, 1 goal in two seasons. £10,400,000 a year, how does something like this happen? Partey scored his first goal this season after shooting blanks 24 times last year.

16. Virgil Van Dijk - Liverpool - £11,440,000

Top defender Virgil Van Dijk has been a leader at Liverpool since 2018 playing in over 100 games for the club. Van Dijk has bounced back from a tough 2020/21 season.

15. Anthony Martial - Manchester United - £13,000,000

Often transfer bait Anthony Martial earns a £13,000,000 per season salary and his numbers are impressive, 56 goals in 174 games for the Red Devils. His high salary has Martial on the transfer block, but he has the talent to be a bigger player on another team.

14. Edinson Cavani - Manchester United - £13,000,000

Often absent Uruguayan forward Edinson Cavani was one of the best forwards of his generation, but at Manchester United he has been injured often, although his quality has shown when he has played.

13. John Stones - Manchester City - £13,000,000

The Manchester City defender takes home £13,000,000, Stones has played over 100 games for City, and recently signed a new contract with the club. The defender has earned his keep at City.

12. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang - Arsenal - £13,000,000

Problem child, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is one of the league’s highest earners, but for how long? His discipline issues have him training by himself and looking for a way out of Arsenal.

11. Timo Werner - Chelsea - £14,144,000

Now in his second season at Chelsea, Timo Werner has not lived up to his goal scoring potential. Werner is one of the league’s highest paid players, and the jury is still out on the German international.

10. Paul Pogba - Manchester United - £15,080,000

Gifted and talented midfielder Paul Pogba is still one of the highest earners in the league and is looking for a mega contract to stay at Manchester United. Pogba has shown his talents but at 28 will the Red Devils shell out that offer, he deserves it.

9. N'Golo Kanté - Chelsea - £15,080,000

N'Golo Kanté has commanded the Chelsea midfield since 2016 winning 5 titles at the club and was an integral part of the Premier League winning Leicester City side. A great player and well deserving of his wages.

8. Raheem Sterling - Manchester City - £15,600,000

Raheem Sterling at times looks on the outs at City but he has stayed steady and played vital roles at the club. With over 200 games and 9 titles, Sterling is still a big part of the club’s plans.

7. Jack Grealish - Manchester City - £15,600,000

Grealish recently arrived at City after almost a decade at Aston Villa, at Manchester City the winger has played 9 games with only 1 goal. He was recently suspended from the team for a night out.

6. Romelu Lukaku - Chelsea - £16,900,000

Romelu Lukaku is back for another go at Chelsea and the Belgian forward is back with all his fire power. Lukaku is a class forward and will light up the nets for Chelsea on his way to £16,900,000 per season.

5. Raphael Varane - Manchester United - £17,680,000

Defender Raphael Varane came to the Red Devils after a long stay at Real Madrid, in England Varane has played 7 games this season and is getting adjusted to the English game. The Frenchman is a capable defender.

4. Jadon Sancho - Manchester United - £18,200,000

English soccer prodigy Jadon Sancho made a big move to Manchester United in the summer and got the 4th biggest wage in the Premier League. At the moment the 21-year-old is still adjusting to the league and has 1 goal in 14 outings.

3. David De Gea - Manchester United - £19,500,000

Often criticized but capable goalkeeper David De Gea has bounced back this season with Manchester United. The Spanish international is now in his 11th season at the club and has played over 350 games for the club.

2. Kevin De Bruyne - Manchester City - £20,800,000

Kevin De Bruyne is not only one of the best players in the Premier League he is one of the best players in the world. De Bruyne has played over 190 games at City winning 10 titles and is well worth his salary and the price of admission. 

1. Cristiano Ronaldo - Manchester United - £26,520,000

Who else but CR7, Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest earner of the Premier League, making £26,520,000. Even at 36 Ronaldo still is on top of his game and since he returned to the more demanding Premier League, he has not disappointed, 7 goals in 13 league games.