The FIFA World Cup is played before the opening whistle of its first match has even been blown. One of these key matches is the Final Draw, which defines the members of each of the 8 groups. When and how will the Final Draw for the upcoming Qatar 2022 take place?

Luck plays an important role, as much of the fate of the 32 National Teams that have qualified for the FIFA World Cup will depend on the hand of one of the invited personalities from the world of soccer that places them in a certain group.

Thus, the eyes of the world will be on Doha, where the fate of the teams that will compete in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will be known. Below you will find out when at what time, and how the Final Draw will take place. 

When and at what time will the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Final Draw will be?

The Final Draw of Qatar 2022 will be held in Doha, Qatar, one day after the 72nd FIFA Congress, on Friday, April 1, 2022. It can be followed through FIFA's various communication platforms, specifically through its YouTube channel

United States Eastern Time - 12:00 PM

United States Pacific Time - 9:00 AM

Canada Eastern Time - 12:00 PM

Canada Pacific Time - 9:00 AM

Mexico - 10:00 AM

England - 4:00 PM

France - 5:00 PM

Germany - 5:00 PM

Italy - 5:00 PM

Netherlands - 5:00 PM

Portugal - 4:00 PM

Spain -5:00 PM

Australia Standard Time - 1:30 AM (April 2)

Bangladesh - 9:00 PM

India Standard Time - 9:30 PM

Nigeria - 4:00 PM

Philippines - 11:30 PM

South Africa Standard Time - 5:00 PM

How will the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Final Draw be?

The 32 National Teams to compete in Qatar 2022 will be distributed in 4 pots of 8 each. It is important to note that at the time the Final Draw is being held, only 29 squads will be qualified for the upcoming FIFA World Cup. Two of the three spots lefts will be filled until June 14 after the Intercontinental Playoffs have been played. Its bracket will witness the following clashes between these teams: a Concacaf National Team vs a Oceania National Team and a Conmebol National Team vs a Asia National Team. The remaining one is uncertain as involves Ukraine, at it is not sure when this team will be able to be part of an official match.

Depending on their position in the latest FIFA Ranking (March 31), every qualified team to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 will be located in a pot. The very first one will include the host country and the first ranked teams; this group is known as the Top Seeds because every one of its members will be the head of one of the 8 groups of the tournament. Being there, guarantees to avoid clashing with a Top team at least in the Group stage. Except for Qatar, which will be in the first position of the A Group, the location of the rest will be by chance.

Since then, the rest of the National Teams of the remaining 3 pots are randomly placed in one of the FIFA World Cup 8 groups. The pots are filled this way: the countries located from the eighth to the fifteenth position of the ranking will be on pot 2; the ones from the 16th position to the 23th will make up the number 3; the rest of the National Teams (ranked 24th to 28th, the winners of the Intercontinental Playoffs and the last standing squad from the bracket Ukraine vs Scotland vs Austria vs Wales) will fill the last pot.

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Final Draw will begin with the placement of all of the teams in pot 1. Until a pot is empty, the subsequent is remaining untouched. The groups are filled in ascending alphabetical order from A to H (every group has to have a new member after the end of each selection round). Not only the squads' group location will be left to the chance, but also their position in them. This is key to knowing the exact dame when every team is facing each other. 

FIFA's limitation rules in the World Cup's Final Draw

To ensure an equitable distribution of teams, FIFA established that no two members of the same confederation may be in the World Cup group. This does not apply to UEFA, which has 13 places for each of these tournaments (almost half of those available) and can have two National Teams belonging to it in the 5 of the eight groups available.

Then, if a national team were to be placed by chance in a group in which another member of its confederation is already in, the first one would be placed in the closest group in which this scenario would not be repeated.