Gareth Bale’s time at Real Madrid has been up and down, at times showing all the talents for which the Spanish giants paid €91 million. Then at times, be it due to injury or a coach’s choice, Bale has seen his role reduced.

After a loan spell at Tottenham Hotspur, Bale returned to the Santiago Bernabéu with the expectations of finding his form again at the club but that has not happened as the winger has once again been hit with the injury bug.

After returning from international competition with Wales, Bale was insulted by a group of Real Madrid fans at the team training ground something his agent, Jonathan Barnett was not happy about. Barnett went on to state, that the treatment of Bale by Real Madrid supporters was “disgusting”.

Jonathan Barnett defends Gareth Bale from Real Madrid supporters

Barnett went on to state, "It's irrelevant. I don't care what (fans) think… Why should I care? I think they've been disgusting to Gareth Bale." Along with the fans lashing out the Spanish media also took a shot at Bale for choosing to play for Wales instead of staying healthy with Real Madrid. Bale has not played since August 28th for the club.

Bale’s coach, Carlo Ancelotti, believes Bale can still give something to Real Madrid, "Perhaps the assessment wasn't quite adequate and now our idea is to get the player back because we want him here and believe he can be useful for our team this season."

This is Bale’s ninth season attached to Real Madrid, his eighth playing with the club, in total the Welsh winger has played 254 games and has scored an astonishing 106 goals. Bale has won 13 titles with the club, which includes 4 UEFA Champions Leagues.