Real Madrid is not fooling around this time and want to return to their old Galáctico ways, and they are waiting for next season to do it. Florentino Pérez is ready to open the checkbook but will go about it in a much smarter way than just shelling out cash all over the place according to reports out of Spain.

Barcelona, Real Madrid’s biggest rival is in 1-billion-euro debt and looks like they will be in rebuild mode for quite some time. Taking advantage of this Real Madrid want to put the “death nail” in their rival’s coffin by building a super team come next season to dominate Spanish and European soccer for the foreseeable future.

Two of those stars’ contracts are due to finish at the end of the 2021/22 season and the other would command one of the biggest transfer fees ever paid for a player. Here are the 3 superstars Real Madrid want for next season.

Three superstars Real Madrid wants to sign

Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba’s contract is up at Manchester United this season, and while United have started this year on a high note, Pogba is one of the Premier League’s highest paid players and a valuable asset for both the red devils and France. For the right salary Pogba could very well move to Madrid.

Kylian Mbappe

What Real Madrid did not spend on a transfer they will spend on a salary, Kylian Mbappe will become World soccer’s biggest free agent next summer. Look for Real Madrid to give him the holy grail in regard to salary.

Erling Haaland

The world’s best striker has been on the Madrid radar for quite some time, if Real Madrid can get the signature of their two top free agents look for them to throw the bank at Erling Haaland and pay that record 250-million-euro transfer.