South America World Cup Qualifiers will return this week with a long-awaited double fixture of thrilling duels. The journey to Qatar 2022 is just beginning on this continent, and the upcoming matchups will be key for these national teams to keep making their path towards it.

The upcoming matches corresponding to rounds 7 and 8 will be the first Conmebol World Cup Qualification duels to be played in 2021 since the scheduled games in March were postponed. With plenty of expectations, teams are ready to resume their campaigns.

The first four weeks of the tournament were packed with action, turning the upcoming fixture even more exciting. As the return of the World Cup Qualifiers is looming around, let's take a look at the schedule for Matchdays 7 and 8.

South America World Cup Qualifiers 2022 - Matchday 7 Schedule

On the long-awaited return of the South American World Cup Qualifiers, the seventh round will bring us interesting matchups such as Argentina vs. Chile, while Uruguay vs. Paraguay and Peru vs. Colombia also hog the spotlight.

Bolivia vs. Venezuela - Thursday, June 3, at 4 PM (ET)
Location: Estadio Olímpico Hernando Siles

Uruguay vs. Paraguay - Thursday, June 3, at 6 PM (ET)
Location: Estadio Centenario

Argentina vs. Chile - Thursday, June 3, at 8 PM (ET)
Location: Estadio Único Madre de Ciudades

Peru vs. Colombia - Thursday, June 3, at 10 PM (ET)
Location: Estadio Nacional del Peru

Brazil vs. Venezuela - Friday, June 4, at 8:30 PM (ET)
Location: Estadio Beira Río

South America World Cup Qualifiers 2022 - Matchday 8 schedule

Ecuador vs. Peru - Tuesday, June 8, at 5 PM (ET)
Location: Estadio Rodrigo Paz Delgado

Venezuela vs. Uruguay - Tuesday, June 8, at 6:30 PM (ET)
Location: Estadio Olímpico UCV

Colombia vs. Argentina - Tuesday, June 8, at 7 PM (ET)
Location: Estadio Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez

Paraguay vs. Brazil - Tuesday, June 8, at 8:30 PM (ET)
Location: Estadio Defensores del Chaco

Chile vs. Bolivia - Tuesday, June 8, at 9:30 PM (ET)
Location: Estadio Nacional de Chile