Club América is known more as a buying team than a selling team. América have signed some pretty big names throughout their history and while Liga MX, who are known for spending, want to integrate into the transfer market more and more, each team has valuable assets.

Club América is no stranger to the big names and big wins. Club América have won the most championships of any team in Mexico. Las Aguilas have also won 6 Copa Mexico’s, 6 Campeones de Campeones cups, and on the international front have obtained 10 trophies.

The following list has been established based off of the current market value of each player on Club América’s squad based on Transfermrkt rating system. Here are the top 15 most valuable players at Club América!



15. Andrés Ibargüen - $2.4 million

The colombian winger Andrés Ibargüen has been with Club América since 2018. Ibargüen has played over 80 games for the club and is known for his speed. Currently the 28-year-old has a value of over $2 million dollars in the market.

14. Emanuel Aguilera - $2.4 million

The argentine defender Emanuel Aguilera has been with the club since 2018 and he has played over 90 games for the team. At 31 it’s hard to imagine he will have a big money move to Europe, but he is a hard nose defender and could still make a leap at a bargain price of just over $2.4 million.

13. Guillermo Ochoa - $2.4 million

Guillermo Ochoa at 35 is still a very talented goalkeeper, after a respectable career in Europe he returned to América, and while he most likely won’t move on from there, he does have a market value of over $2 million.

12. Fernando González - $2.8 million

Fernando González is a strong defensive midfielder that has been at Club América since 2019, with 40 games for the club he is valued at just under $3 million dollars. González has won 1 championship since his arrival to the Mexican giants.

11. Nicolás Castillo - $3.7 million

The Chilean forward Nicolás Castillo has had an up and down career, he is valued at just under $4 million and has scored 9 goals in 22 outings for Las Aguilas. At 27 and on the Chilean national team a successful season in Liga MX could see him return to Europe.

10. Nicolás Benedetti - $4 million

Nicolás Benedetti is one of Club América’s best prospects, at 23, the Colombian has 3 goals in 26 games for Las Aguilas. Benedetti has represented Colombia at the youth level and in 2019 made the move to Liga MX. Benedetti has won one title with Club América.

9. Sebastián Cáceres - $4.2 million

The Uruguayan defender, Sebastián Cáceres has a market value of just over $4million, he has been with América since January 2020, after he was sold from Liverpool of Montevideo and has represented Uruguay at the youth level. A hard nose defender, he could make a move to Europe soon.

8. Jorge Sánchez - $4.2 million

Full-back Jorge Sánchez is a young and promising Mexican international, Sánchez has been capped 10 times by El Tri, and with over 70 games at Club América his market value stands at a firm $4.2 million. Sánchez has already won 4 titles in his young career.


7. Henry Martín - $4.2 million

Henry Martín is an experienced forward and at 28 commands a transfer value of $4.2 million. Martín has played over 90 games for Las Aguilas and scored 29 goals. He was the 2019 Clausura top goal scorer and has won 3 titles with Club América.

6. Roger Martínez - $4.2 million

The tricky Colombian forward Roger Martínez has 13 goals in over 60 appearances for Las Aguilas, at 26 he might not be able to get back to Europe, but he could land at an MLS side. Roger Martínez has won 3 titles with Club América.

5. Sebastián Córdova - $5 million

Another hot prospect from Mexico, Sebastián Córdova has been with Club América since 2016. Córdova has 6 caps and 2 goals for Mexico and at 23 could make that jump to Europe if he continues his good play. Córdova at the moment is rated at $5 million.

4.  Federico Viñas - $5 million

The young Uruguayan forward Federico Viñas was purchased by Club América recently and looks promising, with 11 goals in 24 games. Viñas like many Uruguayan players in the national team set up often make the leap to Europe eventually. 

3. Santiago Cáseres - $5.8 million

Club América is currently working to keep young Argentine midfielder Santiago Cáseres, who belongs to Villarreal in Spain. The 23-year-old made 20 appearances for the club in 2020, and has also played for Argentine club Velez Sarsfield.

2. Richard Sánchez - $6 million

Richard Sánchez is a midfielder from Paraguay and has scored 4 goals in 34 appearances for Club América. Sánchez also has 12 caps and 1 goal for Paraguay, which he scored against Argentina in the Copa America.  At 24 he could be a good target for European teams.

1. Bruno Valdez - $6.12 million

América captain and Paraguayan international Bruno Valdez is the highest valued player at Las Aguilas. Valdez has a market value of over $6 million and has been with the team since 2016 playing over 100 games and winning 3 titles.