If Juventus could “do over” the start of their Serie A season they would. The biggest team in Italy sits an uncharacteristic eighth with a 2-1-4 record. And while the big clubs (Milan, Inter, Roma) all have started with a few side steps, Juventus situation is shocking to say the least.

In the Champions League, Juve has struck out twice falling in both of their group games and leaving Massimiliano Allegri thinking about help quicker rather than later.

That help could come in the form of USMNT and Chelsea winger Christian Pulisic. Here are the details of the possible move which began to circulate in the summer.

Christian Pulisic on Juventus’ radar

According to sources in Italy, Pulisic, who is reportedly not happy at Chelsea, would be willing to make the move to Serie A in search of more playing time after Qatar 2022.

Pulisic recently threw former head coach Thomas Tuchel under the bus in his upcoming autobiography, said comments were not met favorably by Chelsea supporters. Pulisic has been the brunt of certain fans ire over the last two seasons and the relationship between Pulisic and the club looks to be at an end.

According to Calciomercato, Chelsea wants 35 million euros for the American, that is nearly 20 million less than what they paid for him. Given the difficult relationship between club and player, a possible loan move may be in the cards as well or the 35 million could be a “down payment”.

With Angel Di Maria on a one-year deal, Pulisic is seen as a natural to replace the Argentine when his time is done. It was reported that during the summer USMNT teammate Weston McKennie was selling Pulisic on the idea of coming to Juventus.

McKennie is a fan favorite and one of the better players on the squad for the last two seasons.