The UEFA Champions League and Europa League winners play this game after winning their titles as a last prize in Europe before it all starts again. But beyond the glory, the players, managers and team owners are interested in the money prizes that come with the titles. The UEFA Super Cup 2021, like the other competitions, offers a big prize money for the winners and losers.

Chelsea and Villarreal already know what it's like to win a tournament in Europe. In addition to winning the Champions League and Europa League they received payments for winning those tournaments. The UEFA Super Cup 2021 has also offered money to winners since its founding as an annual event in 1972.

The UEFA Super Cup is not a group stage tournament, it is a one-day game. The winner goes home with a nice trophy, and the achievement of having made a double in Europe or a treble if they won the local league.

UEFA Super Cup 2021: How much money does the champion get?

The cup is accompanied by a large, juicy check for the winners and a smaller one is awarded to the losers of the game. Year after year the amount that the winners receive increases, as does the money that the losing team get. But both teams take home a substantial amount to pay for some of the expenses for next season.

In this edition of the UEFA Super Cup, the winners receive a payment of €5M (around $ 5.86M) at the end of the game. For the runner-up the payment is €3M ($3.51M). The prize money of the cup increased a little more compared to last year (2020) when the teams received only €3.5M each.

In previous years special bonuses were distributed to the winners, the best player in the game, the best goalkeeper, among others. But these types of bonuses were suspended and all the money was unified in a single payment for the teams. The prize money is not that big, but the satisfying thing is to win the cup and take it home.