The 2021 Gold Cup, which was celebrated in the Concacaf 60th anniversary, has come to an end with a thrilling final between the USA and Mexico in Las Vegas, after weeks of great emotion. Now, with this edition over, fans will be looking forward to the 17th edition of the Gold Cup. 

While nothing has been confirmed yet, the next edition of the Concacaf tournament will likely be hosted again by the USA, as all the 16 previous tournaments. The United States has hosted every edition of the Gold Cup since 1991 in part due to logistical and economic reasons.

What is already confirmed is that Qatar, who were guests this year, will also be competing in the next edition. The current Asian champions had an incredible run in this edition, reaching the semifinals, where they failed against the United States. Here, check out when the next Gold Cup will take place. 

How often is the Gold Cup?

The Gold Cup is played every two years, so the next edition will take place in 2023. And the dates are confirmed, it will be played from June 26 to July 16, 2023. However, since 2019 there are rumors that the next edition will also be the last. 

While Concacaf tried to shut down the rumors with a statement where they confirmed that they are still going to organize the main tournament of the confederation, there’s still speculation about a possible change of format. 

However, for now, the next edition will follow the same format as this edition. And we can expect another tournament where the North American, Central American and the Caribbean nations are going to try to reach glory.