The 2021-22 UEFA Europa League is reaching its final point after some exciting qualifying and play-off rounds and an intense group stage that was the turning point of the tournament for the best teams to play in the knockout stage.

The Knockout round play-offs, the RO16 and the quarter-finals offered soccer fans games of the highest level, but they were also the scene of Barcelona's elimination by one of the teams that was considered an underdog and now they are only a few hours away from playing the final.

The teams in the UEL want to win the title for two main reasons, one is the money prize that works to pay bills and buy new players, and the other title is that the title winner will get a spot in two big tournaments.

Which tournaments do the 2021-22 UEFA Europa League champions qualify for?

The UEFA Europa League champions automatically qualifies for the 2022-23 UEFA Champions League group stage (they will not play in the qualifying rounds), and another big tournament that is part of the prize package for the UEL winner is the 2022 UEFA Super Cup. That second tournament, it is a game against the winner of the 2021-22 UEFA Champions League.

Both events offer the UEL title winners a unique opportunity to earn a bit more money and show their squad to the world as events like the UCL have a larger TV audience than other soccer events.

The team with the most UEL titles is Sevilla with a total of six titles from 2006 to 2020, they played several times in the Champions League thanks to those UEL titles, but Sevilla have never won the UCL.