Lionel Messi is set to become the new star player for Inter Miami in what has been one of the biggest signings in Major League Soccer history. Despite not yet having played a game for his new team, fans are already eagerly buying jerseys and other merchandise.

However, Messi’s first season in MLS could be a disappointment, not because of his performance, but because his team, Inter Miami, are currently in one of the bottom spots in the standings and it is unlikely that they will make the playoffs.

In addition to Messi, other big-name players such as Sergio Busquets will be joining the Inter Miami roster this season. They will also be joined by one of the best MLS players in Josef Martinez.

Why isn’t Messi playing against St. Louis?

Messi will not be playing in the game against St. Louis as he has not yet been officially introduced as a player. He is expected to make his debut after his big presentation that will take place on Sunday, July 16 at 8:00 PM ET.

Expectations are high for Messi in MLS, with many fans hoping that he will lead the team to the championship. However, it is unlikely that he will be the team’s top scorer, as he is more likely to play a role in creating chances for his teammates.

Inter Miami is quickly becoming a team of star players, and it is possible that other former FC Barcelona players, such as Jordi Alba, could join the team in the future.