Diego Maradona was a total scoring machine for Italian side Napoli in a time when the team weren’t one of the best squads in Italy. Maradona took that team to the top of Italy and Europe with his football and goal, becoming a total idol for the supporters. 

Diego carried a Napoli team alongside Careca and Bruno Giordano, forming the ‘Ma-Gi-Ca’ association that gave plenty of joy to the Italian team that won the Serie A for the first time, as well as the UEFA Cup. He spent seven years with the Blues, cementing his legacy with the team while becoming one of the greatest players of all time. 

He joined in 1984 and played there until 1991, becoming a complete idol for the Napolitains fans who worshipped Diego from the beginning through the end of his stint with the club. Diego scored 115 goals with the club and today, we'll remember each one of them. 

Every goal Diego Maradona scored for Napoli 

The Argentine star was really great; he could score from anywhere, in any form with that left leg that made him famous around the world. Naples idolizes Diego and the love he had for the city was unmatched. They lost a legend but Diego will never be forgotten by them.