To be recognized as a legitimate boxing voice to tell the truth about the ring facts, it is necessary to have had multiple wars against top fighters and conquered World belts in at least two divisions. Roberto Duran is one of the few that fit that profile. When he speaks, it must be listened to: above all if he talks about Saul Canelo Alvarez

As a pure Panamian, Duran has the frankness under his skin. The mighty Manos de Piedra does not know about politics when it comes to saying his truth. After all, he must know "something" about the fists sport after holding 119 fights and winning titles in four different divisions

This time, Roberto Duran touched a polemic and current subject: is Canelo Alvarez really the present name and face of boxing or is he just a marketing illusion? How big is the Mexican legacy so far? Where is Saul in comparison to other fighting legends? As the historical Michael Buffer says: "Let's get ready to rumble!".

Duran's opinion about Canelo Alvarez's career 

In an interview for ES NewsHands of stone confessed his admiration for Canelo's achievements so far and defined the place the Pound for Pound king occupies not only right now, but in the list of Mexican greatest of all time.

"I feel happy for Canelo. All that he is doing so far is for the good of his career and the good of Mexico. He is the boxer of the moment, a respected idol. Everybody has to accept that. Julio Cesar Chavez is a legend; Canelo is already another legend, it does not matter if Mexico refuses to accept it. How many titles has Chavez won? Three. And Canelo has already gotten four, so he is even bigger".

Even more, Roberto Duran defended the legacy of Alvarez: "Canelo is giving Mexico a lot of fame nowadays, and he is earning much more money than anyone. Even more than Julio Cesar Chavez and me. The ones who speak badly about Canelo are just envious" concluded the mighty Panamian.