The first step was given apparently. A boxing fight between Jake Paul and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr could be happening in 2022 after there have been plenty of rumors about both fighters' next rival following their respective bouts on December 18.

Jake Paul had another victorious performance in the ring: he brutally knocked out UFC mixed martial artist Tyron Woodley on their rematch. This triumph represents the fifth on the same number of fights for the Problem Child. Being 5-0 means that maybe he is ready to face for the first time a pure boxer. 

On the other hand, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr returned to the winning road against David Zegarra. The former World Middleweight Champion defeated his Peruvian rival on the cards but recognized that is still far away from his best shape. Perhaps a more difficult, but not impossible, challenge can help him to recover his boxing memory. 

What has to happen to see Jake Paul vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr in 2022

In an interview with Fightnews.comJulito revealed that the negotiations between his team and Jake Paul's to schedule a clash may have started. However, there is something essential that must receive Chavez Jr before saying yes to meet the Problem Child.

"Jake Paul and his people contacted me regarding a fight with Paul; I said yes, but then again Lupe Valencia, who is with Paul now and used to be with me a few years back, said they offered me one to three million dollars plus PPV. When it’s a fight that can sell millions and can break records because he is popular and I have a name, I’m a former world champion, so I made it clear that it has to be a 50/50 split for me to take the fight", statted the first-ever Mexican Middleweight Champion of the World.

If the economic distribution of the incomes is fair enough for Chavez Jr, he would accept to jump into the 190 lbs, weight in which Jake Paul has fought. Even there is a size difference, Julito considers that his experience could make the difference.

Jake Paul is a big guy and weight matters, so it’s a risk. Their people may want to see me lose and take advantage, but he doesn’t know how to box, I know I can knock him out; if the Paul fight happens, I will be very well prepared to win. I will not lose."