The crowd screaming for the incredible feats achieved. The athletes, the main protagonists, hugging and handshaking each other, even if they do not share the same team or nationality. These images may be attributed to any sporting event... before 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the human race to change its ways to do things, and the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will not be the exemption

China has the responsibility to guarantee there will be all the conditions to celebrate the 24 edition of the Winter Olympics. From February 4 to February 20, 109 events will be held among 15 disciplines of 7 different sports: biathlon, bobsledding, curling, ice hockey, luge, skating, and skiing

Controlling and taking care of 3000 athletes will be massive work for the organizers, that have to be very careful to prevent any possible contagion scenario. The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will be the very first to be organized in China, the second Olympic event held in that country, after the 2008 Summer Olympics, and the third in a row to be celebrated in East Asia. 

The Zero COVID-19 plan for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

The arrival to China. Every athlete, staff, or manager who arrives at the 2022 Winter Olympics will need to prove to be fully vaccinated or surpass a 21-day long quarantine to be authorized to enter the Olympic areas such as the Village, venues, and so on. Also, two negative fresh tests must be shown before boarding the flight to Beijing.

Once arrived at the city airport, any Olympic people will be tested through nasal and throat swabs. The results must be expected for six hours at designated lodgings. If the results are negative, the door of the Olympic areas opens. 

The virus-free bubble. To keep the Olympic community free of COVID-19 daily testing will be required through throat swabs. Then, the use of masks with no less than 95 % of protection will be mandatory both in indoor and open areas. Where social distancing is not possible talking is not allowed.

Beijing 2022 the silent Winter Olympics. Only Chinese fans will be authorized, however, the noise will not. It is known that COVID-19 is spread via the emission of droplets so the attendant crowd will be asked not to shout but to clap instead. 

The COVID-19 positive cases. If any member of the Olympic community test positive for the virus two scenarios are possible. The asymptomatic ones will be isolated in a designed hotel, and will not be allowed to leave their rooms. Those with symptoms will be sent to a hospital to remain there. Both cases will need two consecutive days with negative tests to leave isolation.