New tennis stars continue to emerge, and Cori 'Coco' Gauff is one of them. Gauff made her ITF debut in May 2018 in the qualifying round at the 25K event at Ospre. Became the youngest player, at 15 years and 122 days, to qualify for the Wimbledon main draw since the professional era began in 1968. Gauff is currently World No.23 (her ranking will probably change).

In addition, in her first match in a Grand Slam (Wimbledon) defeated Venus Williams, one of her idols and one of the best players in history, by 6-4; 6-4. Gauff stood out from a young age. In the junior category, she came second in the 2017 US Open and won the 2018 Roland Garros.

At the age of 10 signed her first sponsorship contract with Nike, then New Balance convinced her and has been her brand ever since. Her biggest idol is Serena Williams, about her she said: "Serena is the reason why I play tennis and why my father decided to buy me a racquet".

In 2020 she considered giving up tennis for a year to focus on living a normal life. Gauff acknowledged that he felt friendless and considered taking a year off to focus on her life. However, together with his family and a team of psychologists, he pulled through.

How old is Cori 'Coco' Gauff?

Cori 'Coco' Gauff is 18 years old. She was born on March 13, 2004, in Delray Beach, Florida. According to Astrologers, Gauff's zodiac sign is Pisces.

How tall is Cori 'Coco' Gauff?

She’s right-handed and plays with a two-handed backhand. 'Coco' Gauff’s height is 1.75 cm or 5' 9'', and her weight is 55 kg.

Who is Cori 'Coco' Gauff's coach?

Cori 'Coco' Gauff's father, Corey, has been instrumental in grooming her career. Along with him, former French tennis player Jean-Christophe Faurel has been in the Gauff camp since early 2019. Furthermore, ‘Coco' is represented by Team8, and the owner of the company is Roger Federer.

Who are Cori 'Coco' Gauff's parents?

Cori Gauff is the daughter of Candi and Corey Gauff. She is the older sister of Codey Gauff and Cameron Gauff. Cori comes from a sporty family and started playing tennis at the age of seven. Corey used to play basketball at Georgia State University in the United States and her mother Candi was a track and field athlete at Florida State University.

How much is Cori 'Coco' Gauff's net worth?

Cori 'Coco' Gauff has only been a professional tennis player for a few years and she is only 18 years old. It’s estimated that as of 2022, Cori Gauff’s net worth is roughly $2,500,000.