It still doesn't feel real but it is. One of the craziest stories in sports history has concluded, as Lionel Messi is no longer a Barcelona player and will now try and lead Paris Saint-Germain to the top of the world. 

Albeit fans would love to think that passion is what drives athletes, it would be naive to think that soccer isn't a business. Money is what made La Liga force Barcelona to let Messi go and it's the main -and maybe only- reason why he joined the French side.

And if someone knows a thing or two about making a lot of money, that's Michael Jordan. As a matter of fact, the greatest basketball player of all time is even getting a cut of Messi's jersey sales at PSG, believe it or not.

How Much Money Did Michael Jordan Make From Messi's PSG Jersey Sales?

"Following Lionel Messi's surprise transfer from FC Barcelona, his new club Paris Saint-Germain has reportedly already made over $100 million on jersey sales – and it has only been a week. Someone who's also making a pretty penny from the shirts is Messi's fellow GOAT, Michael Jordan, who is said to have racked up a nice $5 million already from his partnership with PSG," reported Highsnobiety.

For those who need context, Michael Jordan's brand and Paris Saint-Germain have a multi-year deal set to expire in 2023. That means that the former Chicago Bulls legend makes 5% of every single jersey sold.

Jordan is one of the most successful athletes-businessmen in the world and this kind of deal proves why. This guy just can't seem to stop making money, and Messi's situation was just perfect for him.


So, Jordan might as well take the Argentine superstar for dinner the next time he visits the French Capital. It's the least he can do after all the money he made him in just a couple of days.