From the first Mountain West Conference game the fight to lead the standings was tough but in the end only two teams managed to reach the big game.

Only one MWC team was able to win all games against conference rivals, it was Boise State with a perfect record of 8-0, and 9-3 overall. Two other teams were disappointing intra-conference winless teams, Nevada and New Mexico 0-8.

The West Division within the conference was the most fought, since San Jose State and San Diego State were close to stealing the first spot in the division.

Which football teams will contest the MWC Championship in 2022?

Boise State will play the MWC Championship game against Fresno State, they had the best record within their divisions, Fresno State with 7-1 and Boise State with 8-0.

In 2021 the Utah State Aggies won the championship against the San Diego State Aztecs 46-13, the Aggies have only one Conference title with a 1-1 record.

The Broncos are big favorites to win the title since they are the team with the most MWC titles with a total of 3 titles and 2 losses in a championship game. While Fresno State have never won a conference title but in the 2017 Championship they lost to Boise State 14-17.