With the closing ceremony on September 5, 2021, the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games officially came to an end. The torch has been since then passed to Beijing for the Winter Paralympic Games 2022 and Paris for the Summer Paralympic Games 2024. They took place from August 24 to September 5, 2021.

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic forced the postponement of the event until 2021. Tokyo had been in a state of emergency, thus the event had to be held behind closed doors, with no actual audience members allowed in the venues. Tokyo hosted the Summer Paralympics for the second time since the 1964 Games, and the third time after the 1998 Winter Paralympics that the Paralympics have been held in Japan.

For the first time, the Paralympics were held in Tokyo more than once. There were more than 4,350 participants competing in 22 different sports - including two new ones - during the course of the nine-day competition in Japan. Instead of sailing and 7-a-side football, badminton and taekwondo were included in the 2020 Paralympic Games.

Paralympics 2021: How many medals did Mexico win in Tokyo?

Mexico have managed to claim a total of 22 medals at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games. The majority of them were bronze medals (17), followed by seven gold medals, and just two silver medals. This makes them the 18th best-ranked team at the Paralympics based on the total number of medals won.

When it comes to the gold medal rankings, Mexico finished on a tie with Poland, Hungary, Switzerland for the 17th position thanks to the seven gold medals they have won. Meanwhile, after being inched out on the final day of the Olympic Games, China with 207 medals, 96 of which were gold, 60 silver, and 51 bronze, finally surpassed the United States in terms of most medals won.

The US finished the Paralympics in the second position with 124 medals, 41 of which were gold, 38 silver, and 45 bronze medals, according to the official results. With 36 gold, 33 silver, 49 bronze, and 118 overall medals, the Russian Paralympic Committee finished in the third position with six fewer medals than the second-placed team.

Rank by total Team Gold medals Silver medals Bronze medals Total medals
18. Mexico 7 2 17 22