It’s a GOAT reunion at the 2022 Miami Grand Prix. Tom Brady, Michael Jordan and David Beckham all were present at the Miami International Autodrome to watch Lewis Hamilton compete in the fifth date of the 2022 Formula 1 Championship

With the debut of the Grand Prix in the city, it makes sense that the party includes some important guests. Brady and Hamilton talked with CNN and discussed their legendary careers and how Formula 1 can grow in the United States. 

“There are some passionate sports fans here in this country and I didn’t understand how many people didn’t connect with our sport. And part of it was that we didn’t have one Grand Prix here (in Miami) and that we only had one Grand Prix, but now we’re expanding,” Hamilton explained.

GOAT reunion in Miami: Tom Brady, David Beckham, Michael Jordan and Lewis Hamilton pose together 

Seven-time ring winner Brady, six-time ring winner Michael Jordan, 6-time Premier League champion David Beckham all showed their support for seven-time Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton, who isn’t having the best season in 2022. 

Lewis Hamilton, who lost the title last year to Max Verstappen in an epic last minute definition, hasn’t been able to win a race so far, is currently in the seventh position in the driver's standings, which are led by Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc

Speaking to CNN, both Brady and Hamilton showed their respect for each other. “I look at Tom and I think he’s a legend,” the British pilot said. “I look at him for inspiration (...) on how to be a better team,” he added.

However, they weren't the only famous faces present at the race: the Williams sisters, Venus and Serena were also spotted; actors Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis and Michael Douglas, singers Bad Bunny and Pharrell, and former NBA champion Dwayne Wade were also there