Canelo Alvarez has remained at the top of boxing hill thanks to his glorious 2021, in which he became the first Unified World Super middleweight Champion. His teammates at his private gym witness his dairy training path to success. However, they do not only watch, they learn from him because Alvarez takes the time to share his fighting knowledge, as revealed by Mexican contender Joselito Velazquez, a member of Canelo Team.

The current Pound for Pound, and two times awarded as the fighter of the year (2019, 2021) by The Ring magazine, has conquered so far 12 World titles in 4 different weight classes, and he plans to challenge Ilunga Makabu for the WBC World Cruiserweight in May.

Canelo is considered one of the most skillful boxers nowadays. He is capable of going forward to take the control of the fight, but also to counter punch with effectiveness, and has demonstrated that his power remains almost intact even he has moved into higher weights. Definitely, Alvarez is a boxing expert that could teach many Master Classes. 

What does Canelo teach to his teammates at the gym?

In an exclusive interview with Lautaro Tonellotto of Bola Vip Mexico, flyweight contender Joselito Velazquez (14-0-1, 9 KO's), one of Eddy Reynoso's pupils, narrated how has Canelo helped him to improve his boxing skills at Alvarez's private gym.

Particularly, he helped me to improve my jab. I was sparring with larger fighters and I was having trouble blocking their jabs, so he showed me how to do it. He is a boxer with a bunch of experience. Even Andy Ruiz said to me 'Canelo taught me some skills, I applied them and worked out great. He is really good'".

Furthermore, the personal lessons Canelo can give to his teammates, his example is also great schooling for them: "Against Plant it was a unification fight and he was so relaxed. He used to say 'I am going to finish him by the eighth round'. He was really confident. This mindset is what makes him the kind fighter he is", commented Velazquez.

Also, being a member of the Canelo Team allows to learn directly from Eddy Reynoso, Alvarez's lifelong coach and now manager. Joselito confessed he is surprised by Reynoso's ambition in boxing: "He is really hunger for more. He was won everything with Canelo but still wants more. He is a very ambitious person and that makes you feel the same way".